Time to find a Window Washer for your home in Cardiff by The Sea?

Time to clean the windows on your Cardiff by the Sea Home? Weather ( lol) you are prepping to sell a home or just spring cleaning, contact NorthCountyWindowWash.com Contact North County Window Wash today to get your windows washed right in Encinitas, Cardiff by the...
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Surf check at Pipes near my dream homes in Cardiff By The Sea Composer District

Checking the surf at Pipes ( Cardiff camp grounds ) near some of my favorite homes in Cardiff By The Sea; Cardiff By The Sea Composer District. The surf report for today is 3-6 foot, overcast but with slight off shore conditions. Too high tide, but this spot does...
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I just saw this new surf art mural near Cardiff Walking District Homes at Pipes Cafe!

Today I made the normal pit stop at pipes Café in Cardiff by the Sea. I normally stop at pipes Café to get there yummy flavored coffee in the morning's. Today when I was getting my coffee I noticed a new Surf art Mural Just across the way, Near many nice homes in...
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A Drive through Cardiff by The Sea Homes

Today I went for a quick surf in Cardiff By the , And on the way home Manchester had a detour Through homes in Cardiff walking district. I decided to take some pictures of Cardiff by the Sea real estate while I was driving up the hill. I took a couple really cool...
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Cardiff By The Sea New construction home for sale

Check out this new construction listing in Cardiff by the...
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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Discover Cardiff By The Sea Real Estate, Encinitas CA 92007

There is literally no better place to live than Cardiff By The Sea. Cardiff By The Sea and Cardiff By The Sea Real Estate is like the hub of North County Coastal, and basically the center of the universe  for me personally. Put it this way. I worked at the Cardiff Chart House from 1993-1998. I worked my way up from a Salad Boy to the Bar Back, then to the Valet Parker. So, I guess you can say Cardiff By The Sea is in my blood, heart and soul. I remember LIVING IN CARDIFF BY THE SEA for a few years back in my early college years. These were the years where crashing on a buddy couch was no big deal, finding a room to rent was not to tall of an order either, for only $500 or $600 bucks. I’ve lived all over Cardiff, Encinitas, Leucadia, literally. Currently I live inland in San Elijo Hills, but to me, the San Elijo Hills lifestyle is connected to Living in Cardiff By The Sea. I spend most of my time surfing in Cardiff, i.e. Seaside Reef, Swamis, and some local spots in between here and there. So, since I spend so much time living in Cardiff By The Sea, I figured I would start a new Cardiff By The Sea Real Estate and lifestyle blog, thus www.LivinginCardiffByTheSea.com, was born.